Sunday, September 25, 2:00 PM
Bridge Street Theatre, Catskill

Heartbeat Ophelia by D.L. Siegel

Ophelia finds herself marooned in Texas during the time of COVID…or is it Denmark?  This radical deconstruction of Hamlet refocuses the story on a modern, scholarly Ophelia as her path is altered by personal tragedies, the ongoing plague, and the red tape of a red state. 
Featuring: De Quency Bowen, David Bunce, Katrina Lantz, Jessica Lyke, Hank Neimark, Joshuah Patriarco, Sharon Grace Powers, Joe Quandt, Taylor Steward, Taylor Seupel

Wilde About Whitman by David Simpatico
with Michael Iannucci and Joshuah Patriarco

October Readings

Monday & Tuesday, October 3 & 4, 7:00 PM
Good Sir Barkeep by Matthew Reichel
The Dutch Barn at Kiersted House,
119 Main Street, Saugerties

A wandering Knight, a warmongering Soldier, a traveling Bard and a Damsel walk into a bar… add a treasure map and a medieval farce ensues.

A Staged Reading Directed by Sydnie Grosberg Ronga 

Featuring: Joseph Bongiorno, Diana Borshcheva , Austin Lightning Carrothers, Jess Lyke, Maria Elena Maurin, Hank Neimark, Bill Solley, Taylor Steward

Monday, October 10, 7:00 PM
The Tin Man by Katherine Ambrosio
Ellington Room, Manhattan Plaza, 403 W 43rd ST, NYC

“Have you ever had to break bad news to someone when they hadn’t a clue it was coming? It’s a killer…”

Sebastian Seay needs a new heart. His family and friends gather around him as he journeys through the fear and uncertainty of waiting for the ultimate gift.

Featuring: Caitlyn Classey, David Dancyger, Michael Iannucci, Laura Leopard, John Moss, Sigrid Wise

Sunday October 16, 1:00 PM
Leda’s Lament by Margie Castleman
Stissing Center 2950 Church St, Pine Plains

LEDA, a Christian fundamentalist from coal mining Kentucky finds herself as custodian at the dance studios for the Louisville College of Arts and Science. When she takes on an extra cleaning job for a visiting scientist doing Embryonic Stem Cell research, her life
becomes entangled in the search that extends beyond the Right To Life movement.   

Round The Bend Theatre is a mobile theater company with a mission to encourage Hudson Valley playwrights and their work in development. Through the process of readings and reflection a variety of new and inclusive voices are nurtured for future work.